Formation 3D Blender 2.8 - Micro Razer Seiren X

Tutorial / 24 February 2019
Ma seconde formation sur blender 2.8 est dispo sur !

Si vous avez déjà utilisé un code promo ou acheté sur le site, suivez ce lien
Si vous n'avez jamais acheté dessus, suivez celui là, il me permet de toucher plus ;)

Modélisation Non-destructive sur Blender 2.8

General / 11 February 2019
Ma nouvelle formation consacrée à la modélisation non-destructive et au rendu Eevee sur Blender 2.8 est enfin disponible ! 
C'est aussi une nouvelle aventure pour moi puisque ce sera ma première formation d'ampleur chez !

Fluent Addon available on Gumroad!

General / 08 February 2019

Hey guys, Fluent is finally available on Gumroad!

This addon works pretty well with Speedflow (When it will be available on 2.8) and Non-Destructive Workflow!

Dynology DS412+

General / 06 February 2019

Hey guys, 

I'm working on a new tutorial, in French this time, still in Non-Destructive mode on blender 2.8.

Blender 2.8 Miter Patterns and how to do it on 279!

General / 28 January 2019


News / 23 November 2018

Hey guys,

Speedlow is -25% Off for the Black Friday until Monday ;)

SPEEDFLOW - Make a Barrel

Tutorial / 19 November 2018

Speedflow for Beginners

Tutorial / 07 November 2018

Hey guys, I made a video for Speedflow, especially for beginners. To show you what is Speedflow, why it's a really useful addon and how to use it.   

Speedflow - Asset Management - Create and save your inserts

News / 02 November 2018

Hey guys,

You already know, for several years, you can create your assets/inserts with Speedflow, in a destructive and non-destructive way and save them to the Asset Management. You can use the auto thumbnails or even create different render scenes for different types of assets. You can save everything to the Asset Management and make everything with Speedflow! 


Asset Management: 

Non-Destructive Workflow - Tutorial 2

Tutorial / 30 October 2018

Hey guys, made another tutorial about non-destructive workflow.

I'll add it to my Artstation Store as soon as possible.

In this one, you will see how to make such mechanical asset 100% editable.

The resulting mesh is pretty clean and will allow you to make different versions be increasing or decreasing the number of segments of the different parts of the object.