Happy New Year! I

General / 02 January 2024

Happy New Year! I hope you're ready for 2024. This year is all about bringing you updates for my add-ons, making awesome tutorials, and giving you a glimpse into my personal projects! I wish you a year of fun, learning, and growth together. Let's make it unforgettable! Cédric


Speedflow Basics  -11 - Kitchen Faucet - EXTRA

General / 29 September 2019

QaQuizz found An interesting workflow about the last Speedflow Basics, so I added it as an Extra! 




Speedflow Basics - 11 - Kitchen Faucet

General / 26 September 2019

Also available on Gumroad and Market with projects if you want to support my work!  

Speedflow cutter

General / 12 August 2019

Hey guys, I'm working on a new tool for Speedflow, a cutter!

The goal is to be as fast as possible and to be easy to use.

Of course, with the tools on Speedflow and Companion, the possibilities are endless!



Speedflow Basics - 06 - Parametric Belt

General / 31 July 2019

Modélisation Non-destructive sur Blender 2.8

General / 11 February 2019
Ma nouvelle formation consacrée à la modélisation non-destructive et au rendu Eevee sur Blender 2.8 est enfin disponible ! 
C'est aussi une nouvelle aventure pour moi puisque ce sera ma première formation d'ampleur chez tuto.com !


Fluent Addon available on Gumroad!

General / 08 February 2019

Hey guys, Fluent is finally available on Gumroad!

This addon works pretty well with Speedflow (When it will be available on 2.8) and Non-Destructive Workflow!


Dynology DS412+

General / 06 February 2019

Hey guys, 

I'm working on a new tutorial, in French this time, still in Non-Destructive mode on blender 2.8.


Blender 2.8 Miter Patterns and how to do it on 279!

General / 28 January 2019


Eevee renders

General / 30 October 2018

Hey guys,

Made this render last night to test Eevee.