Speedflow is a group of 9 modals who allows you to improve drastically your modeling workflow.

With the addon, you can manage modifiers directly in the 3Dview very simply.

Select an object, launch a modal and add multiple modifiers on the fly, launch another modal, add others modifiers and make your modeling faster than if you had to create modifier by yourself.

What is a modal?

A modal is a mode where you can perform multiple actions. In Speedflow we created 9 modals and in each modal you can make different things like creating a modifier, change settings of this modifier, add subdivisions, move cursor etc.

Blender uses modals for the Knife tool, the Bevel Edges etc, this is very powerful and we made 9 very powerful modals who help you to speed up your workflow on Blender.

Let’s see what each modal can do 


Add Axis X, Y and Z

Array on curve

Change profile


With the Boolean modal you can add multiple Boolean Modifiers to your selection!


You can :

  • Change the operation of the boolean, Intersection, Difference, Union
  • Add/Remove booleans
  • Make a Rebool (inverse boolean)
  • Switch between booleans with a feedback
  • You have an auto-update if you have a Bevel modifier
  • Etc.

Add booleans

Change Operation

Make Rebools

Auto-update of the bevels


With the Bevel modal, you can add Bevel modifiers on your selection.

This modal allows you to work on two modes, subdiv and Nosubdiv.


You can :

  • Add a Bevel on multiple objects
  • Works with Subdiv and Nosubdiv assets
  • Each mode is settable in the preferences
  • The Bevel is updated by the booleans depending of the mode (Subdiv/Nosubdiv)
  • Etc.

Add Bevel

Switch Subdiv/Nosubdiv

Update bevel from active object

Boolean update


With the Tubify modal you can create cables in one click!


You can :

  • Create a cable from a curve or a mesh with only edges
  • Change the Depth, Resolutions U & V
  • Convert the cable in polygon
  • Use profiles
  • Change profiles in the modal
  • Etc.

Add Tubify

Tubify from Edges

Select Profile

Edit Profile and convert


With the Symmetrize modal you can create symmetrize on multiple axis and objects!


You can :

  • Create symmetrize and choose the axis
  • Change the axis and choose the direction of the symmetrize
  • Combine axis
  • Change the default axis in the preferences
  • Etc.

Change symmetrize axis

Remove symmetrize axis

Combine symmetrize axis


With the Mirror modal you can create mirrors on your selection and add multiple mirror modifiers!


You can :

  • Create a mirror and combine axis (X, Y, and Z)
  • Create a mirror with an object as reference
  • Keep the transforms of the object
  • Change the default axis in the preferences (+X or -X)
  • Etc.

Add Mirror

Mirror from object ref

Combine Mirror axis

Keep transforms with object ref


With the Rotate modal you can rotate with increments!


You can :

  • Rotate with increments, 45°, 10° and 5°
  • Rotate in global and Local
  • Change the Pivot for the rotate
  • Snap the pivot directly in the modal
  • Etc.

Rotate with increments

Rotate from Active Element

Rotate in Local

Snap cursor


With the Solidify modal you can add Solidify to your selection!


You can :

  • Add a Solidify on multiple objects
  • Change the settings, Offset, Even Offset, Fill Rim etc
  • Add Bevel and subsurf directly in the modal
  • Etc.

Add Solidify

Even Offset

Fill rim, Only rim

Add Subsurf and Bevel Modifiers


With the Subsurf modal you can add a Subsurf modifier to your selection!


You can :

  • Add a Subsurf on multiple objects
  • Remove the Subsurf on multiple objects too, to clean your scene of Subsurf modifiers
  • Change settings, Opensubiv, Optimal display
  • Etc.

Add Subsurf

Multiple Subsurf

Optimal Display, Opensubdiv




The Addon allows you to add custom settings to fit your workflow.

You can choose wich type of menu you want to use.


  • Pie menu
  • Normal menu
  • Tab

You can choose between pen or mouse to work with the modals.

You can change settings from modals directly in the preferences.


  • Choose type of bevel (Subdiv or Nosubdiv) and change their settings
  • Tubify settings
  • Array settings (Relative or constant)
  • Symmetrize axis (+X or -X) depending on wich side you work (Left or right)
  • Boolean settings
  • Rotate axis


You can also customize the text in the 3Dview

  • Choose the color and the size
  • Change the position
  • Activate shadows
  • etc.



Speedflow is fully compatible with Carver, Hardops and Box Cutter and Asset Management!


You can :

  • Use carver to create booleans, the bevel will be updated depending of the mode (Subdiv/Nosubdiv)
  • Use Hardops and Speedflow together
  • Use Box Cutter to make fast Booleans
  • Add your assets to the Asset Management addon

Carver update Bevel

Asset Management


Box Cutter

New documentation will be available soon.


To talk about this Addon, you can go on the BlenderArtist Page.