Eevee renders

General / 30 October 2018

Hey guys,

Made this render last night to test Eevee.

Asset Management - Speedflow - Create custom Inserts

Tutorial / 30 October 2018

Speedflow - Bevel Modifier - 4 types of bevels

Tutorial / 22 October 2018

Hey guys, I made a new video about bevels and how Speedflow deal with them. Hope you like it ;) 



Tutorial / 21 October 2018


Speedflow - Make a 100% Custom and Editable Torus

Tutorial / 20 October 2018

Non-Destructive Workflow on Blender

Tutorial / 13 October 2018

Hi Guys,

I made a tutorial for a 100% Non-Destructive Workflow on Blender that allows you to create different versions of an asset and use them for games (Low/High), Subdivisions or even, use it with bevel shader or Remesh it with Blender or Openvdb addon.

I hope you will like it ;)

Available on Gumroad

Speedflow - Dynamic Lines

Tutorial / 11 October 2018

Hi guys,  I added to Companion, the Dynamic lines tool I made a long time ago. This tool allows you to create plates really easily and really fast. I hope you'll like it. Tell me if you want the standalone version of the tool if you don't have speedflow. I'll add it to Gumroad for 5$. Cheers, Cédric

Make cables with Tubify and the Screw Modfier

Tutorial / 11 October 2018

The screw modifier is really powerful and allows to make a lot of forms easily.

You can combine it with Tubify to make cables really fast!

Fully editable Primitives on Blender

Tutorial / 10 October 2018

Speedflow - Make non-destructive Wheels - English

General / 01 October 2018

The non-destructive workflow is really nice to make different versions of an asset. That's why I'm working on improving Speedflow to make this workflow as simple and fun to use as possible. I made this simple video to show you some workflow and I hope you like it ;) 



The scene