Hydrant - Hard surface modeling Tutorial


In this almost 2 hours video, you will see my workflow to model this hydrant in Blender with my addons.

You will see how I add a reference with Easyref Addon, how I make the blocking with simple cylinders, and how I add the details to have the final product.

It's more like me who shows my workflow than a slow tutorial, even if I show and explain to you everything.


In the first part, I will add a reference in the 3Dview with my Easyref addon.

Then, I will start the modeling and follow the reference.

I start with the blocking and continue to add details, for that I use my Speedflow addon to add bevels with bevel weight and give different sizes of the bevel.

The goal is to keep everything editable, to not apply the bevels to avoid the burden to remove it after.

After the blocking, I will start to add details on the mesh, add different parts and finish the model.

The final product will be as clean as possible as you can see in the pictures.


My name is Cédric Lepiller, I'm a 3D Freelancer in France since 2005.

I work on Blender for the modeling and on Maya for other parts (Xgen, render in Redshift etc)

I'm a Generalist specialized in Character modeling, you can see my project on my Artstation page




Speedflow, Easyref, RMB Pie Menu


– 1 hour 50 minutes of video tutorials

– Reference picture


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In this almost 2 hours video, you will see my workflow to model this hydrant in Blender

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