Blender - Non-Destructive Workflow - Tutorial - 2


In this tutorial, I will show you a really great workflow to make a 100% fully editable mechanical asset in Blender.

That workflow allows you to do whatever you want ;)

In this tutorial, I use my addon, Speedflow, this addon allows you to work on full screen on Blender and to concentrate on your model instead of the UI.

The addon makes complex actions in one click, this is really fast.

In this tutorial, I'm using Juri's build to have access to the Normals weighted modifier but you just have to add a weighted modifier on Blender 3.0.


This tutorial uses Blender modifiers and to make our asset we will use a lot of modifiers.

We will create the base mesh, add a screw modifier, some bevels on vertex and after that, we will add bool objects to cut ou model.

Everything will be editable and you will be able to control every setting.

This is a really powerful workflow!


- Blender


- Intermediate


- Speedflow

- RMB Pie Menu


– 1 video tutorial

Video 1 - 123 minutes - We create the asset using Speedflow

– 1 scene

Asset scene

Don't hesitate to tell me if you want more tutorials ;)


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